Vanessa Hudgens was spotted on March 22nd at the Lakers vs. Suns Game in LA looking very sexy in her jeans. Was this girl even wearing a bra? The Denim King doesn’t think so.. he he..It seems like she’s desperately trying to get everyone’s attention these days to increase her fame, but it isn’t working. Vanessa is hot, the Denim King doesn’t disagree, but with the recent so called “naked” picture leaks of her, it’s just another lame attempt to get herself in the news. Back to Vanessa Hudgen’s jeans though, they are sexy, and she looks gorgeous. That’s the bottom line!

Vanessa Hudgens Lakers Game 1 600x900 Vanessa Hudgens is Sexy as Hell

Vanessa Hudgens @ the Lakers Game

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Vanessa Hudgens is Sexy as Hell, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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