A belt is defined as a flexible strap usually worn around the waist for different reasons especially to help fasten clothes or trousers on our bodies but sometimes its also used to enhance fashion.

Having said that, it is important to note that the belt is a very important part of our clothing because as we all know our personalities are also displayed according to how we dress and therefore a mistake of putting on the wrong belt may very well alter our image drastically as individuals or professionals in the society.

Gucci Designer Belts for Men1 How To Choose a Belt For Your Jeans (Tips for Guys)

So how can men like us choose the right belt for the jeans we love the most? Check out these tips:

Body size

In order to make the right choice, you must first of all consider your body type. For example, if you have a slim body, it is more appropriate for you to put on a relatively small belt while if you have a bigger body you may want to put on a belt that is larger in size. Alternatively you may put on a medium sized belt for any body type.

Size of belt

This implies the length of the belt to be worn. Here you must consider the size of your waist in proportion to the belt. For example, you must pick a belt that’s larger than your waist in size and make it a few inches longer but not very long as that would make you look pretty pathetic.

Size of loops

Here you must consider the size of the loops on your designer jeans, baggy jeans usually have larger loops therefore you may want to put on large belts with these while tight fitting jeans usually have smaller loops therefore you must use a smaller belt.


Not only do you have to consider the color of your belt you must also take into account the colors of your entire clothing including shoes and ensure that all colors compliment each other or else you may end up becoming a fashion disaster.


Different belts have different sizes and designs of buckles, some are big and flashy others are small and dull so you need to ensure you pick each carefully. For example you wouldn’t want to wear a belt with big flashy buckles when you are going for a formal meeting while it may serve you well to put it on at a party of young people.

Material of the belt

Ensure you pay close attention to the material used to make the belt go well over your designer jeans with suede or woven leather belts.

These are just a few tips you could use to help you get it right with your jeans so go on and try them out! Who knows, you may just end up being the next trend setter in fashion. Finally, whatever belt you choose – make sure you feel comfortable wearing it as this will help enhance your confidence.

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